Women's Scarves

The Aran Scarf is a known for its fashionable style as well as its unique patterns and it will set off any coat or jacket perfectly while keeping you warm. Adding a layer of elegance and sophisticated our hand-knit Irish Aran Scarves for women can be worn as part of any outfit and it comes in a variety of designs and patterns meaning you are sure to find the scarf that suits you best. Like all of our products, our Ladies Aran Scarfs are Irish made and come from the home of the Aran Island Sweater.

The Aran Islands lie at the mouth of Galway Bay and are surrounded by the ferocious and wild Atlantic Ocean.With only six miles separating the Aran Islands from Galway, twelve by boat because of strong currants, limited resources meant that it was only on rare occasions that many of the islanders would make the trip over. Three islands make up the Island; Inisheer, the smallest island; Inishmaan, the middle-sized one, and Inishmore which is the biggest of the three islands.